By the time we got to a place with decent wifi …….

…. I had too many photos to upload.  I won’t have time to upload until we are back home this weekend.  I will finish it then.


Lack of posts 

The mobile data and wifi speeds have been too slow. Trying to up or download photos or video is grueling. We will be in Banff tonight and it will be better. 

Sunday, September 11 – The Drive to Jasper National Park

We drove to Jasper and will be staying for two nights. Our plan is to start at the far end of the parks and work our way out. We will be in the parks for ten days. It was a good day to drive because it was raining off and on the entire way. The temperature was down to 35 degrees at some points along the way. We will be staying at a guest house in the town of Jasper for the first two nights.